Common questions about Syncio
Syncing & Mapping Products
Can I sync Shopify Metafields?
How long does it take to adjust inventory on the Source store after a sale?
When does inventory update?
I am trying to sync products but it keeps failing or showing "Attention". What should i do?
Why is my inventory number incorrect?
Will I get an email notification for syncing existing products with the Bulk Mapper?
What should I do if my variants are not matching between my Source and Destination store?
I don't want to sync all the variants from my Source store. What can I do?
What is copied over when I first sync a product from my Source to my Destination store?
How can I prevent all product attributes from being copied over when I sync products from my Source to Destination store?
I already have the Source store products in my Destination store, do I still need to sync?
Can I have new products sync automatically?
Can I hide some of my products that I do not want synced to a Destination store?
Do refunds update inventory?