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Can Syncio support bundle products?
Can Syncio support bundle products?

Integrations with apps such as Bundle App, Simple Bundle, in the Destination Store

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Syncio may not support your bundles app out of the box. Usually, bundles are managed by a third-party app such as Bundle App or Simple Bundles. As such information about a bundle's contents is usually kept private by the bundle app.

Because of this Syncio won't be able to check which of your products are included in a bundle.

We recommend doing a test order with your bundle product to see if Syncio works. If not, you'll need to account for stock adjustments or orders from bundles without Syncio. Or try another bundles app.

Good news is our team has found a couple of great bundle apps that are compatible with Syncio:

We are hoping to add bundling in the near future, and our team is constantly testing apps for compatibility.

Fast Bundles

If you are using Fast Bundles, please ensure the following setting is selected, when creating a bundle.

This allows Syncio to look into the bundle and sync your products inside.

If a bundle exists on the source store and if this is synced, Syncio can't create the corresponding bundle in the destination store.

However, a destination store can sync the products (in their individual form) from the source store and create a bundle of their own.

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