The first step to using Syncio is to select which type of store your store should be setup as: a Source Store or a Destination Store.

Diagram: Relationship between the Source, Destination Stores and Customer.

Here are our definitions of what a Source and Destination Store are:

Source Store: this is the supplier store that holds the master inventory. Orders are fulfilled and shipped from this store.

Source Store Syncio Functionality:

  • View synced products.

  • View synced destination stores.

  • Select inventory location to sync inventory to destination stores.

Destination Store: this is the retailer/marketplace store that is syncing inventory from the source store. This store wants to list products on its shopfront from the source store to sell. Orders will need to be sent to the source store to fulfill.

Destination Store Syncio Functionality:

  • View synced products.

  • View source stores.

  • Configure Product update sync. Link to steps.

  • Sync products. Link to steps. 

  • Map products. Link to steps. 

  • Ability to push orders directly to the source store (via Orders Module upgrade.)

  • Upgrade plan.

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