Syncing Products

How to Sync and Import new products into your Destination Store.

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There are two ways you can sync products once your destination store is connected with a Source store.

Sync β†’ Use Sync to create NEW products in a Destination store

Map β†’ For products that exist on both the Source and Destination store, use the MAP function. Mapping will connect products with like SKUs.

Syncing Products

This process is managed by the destination store

On your destination store, sync and unsync your products by selecting the check box next to a product and clicking on the sync or unsync tab at the top of the list of products. You can still select all or many products at once β†’ bulk sync, and unsync as well. Use your Status Filter or Search bar to search for products a subset of products.

Bulk Map & Bulk Unsync

🌟 Good to know: Bulk mapping automatically compares everything on the destination store to see what matches the source store. Sync, unsync relies on what you select on the product list.

Bulk mapping is accessible in the product view tab. To Bulk map your products, click Bulk Mapper and select start. To Bulk Unsync, select all (25 product limit), and then choose unsync & keep or unsync & delete.

View Product Details & Individual Mapper

🌟 ProTip: Troubleshooting inventory and product sync For any product sync issue, you can use a combination of your Activity Center πŸ”” and Individual Mapper πŸ—ΊοΈ to resolve most inventory and product sync issues and discrepancies.

To map an individual product or check the variants / SKUs, use the Map button to the right of each product. If a product is unsynced/mapped, a Map button will appear in the top right-hand corner. If a product is already mapped, you will not have the option to take any actions.

For product details, click on the Blue Product Name Hyperlink - this will display the Source stores products details, including images, variants, SKUs, and tags.


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