Unsyncing a Product

When you want to break a sync between connected products.

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Available for all integrations.

Unsync your products by selecting the check box next to a product and clicking on the sync or unsync tab at the top of the list of products. You can still select all or many products at once → and unsync as well. Use your Status Filter and/or Search bar to search for products a subset of products.

It comes in two flavors depending on what you want to achieve. The two options available are:

Unsync and KEEP

Unsync and DELETE

These functions are accessible when you click on the Unsync button for any product listed as synced.

1️⃣ Unsync and KEEP

This function simply removes the mapping from our database, and effectively breaks the sync between a product from source to destination. However that 'synced' copy of the product that we just imported will remain on the destination store, but will just not receive any sync updates.

2️⃣ Usync and DELETE

Same as the Unsync and KEEP but it goes the extra step of also deleting the product on the destination store. Like deleting a product on Shopify, this is not reversible. You can also achieve the same results by simply deleting any synced product via your Shopify admin.

Alternative methods to unsync products include:

Directly deleting the product(s) on the destination store's Shopify admin

Directly deleting the product(s) on the source store's Shopify admin


Deleting a product from either store will break the sync. If the product is re-added t via CSV or manually to the Shopify store, you will need to remap the product to establish a new mapping

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