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Products Setup Guide (WooCommerce)

Tips for product creation and management

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Syncio follows these best-practices for product management.

  • Each variation or product requires a unique SKU to allow stock to update correctly.

  • Once a product has been synced, do to not update any SKUs

Please check the following guides below for additional information with getting your products sync-ready:

  1. Supported Woo Commerce product types

  2. WooCommerce Variation configuration

  3. Unsyncing and resyncing the same products

1) Supported WooCommerce product types

Product Type



Simple Product


From Woo to Woo is supported.

From Shopify to Woo this is still in testing

Grouped Product



External/ Affiliate Product



Variable Product



To ensure compatibility with WooCommerce to Shopify store syncing we are currently only supporting the Variable Product types.

Ensure your products are set to: Variable product under the Product data header.

2) WooCommerce Variation configuration

After setting up your product data type to: Variable product as you'll need to ensure your variations are also sync-ready.

Click on the variations tab in the product data section and

  1. Ensure each variation has a unique SKU, eg:

    1. sku-001

    2. sku-002

    3. sku-003, etc

      1. For simple management avoid using any special characters and keep your skus in lower case.

  2. Ensure the Manage Stock? checkbox is ticked.

    1. This is required in order to let Syncio make stock updates.

3) Unsyncing and resyncing the same products

Syncio products two options when unsyncing a product for destination stores

  1. Usync and Keep: only the sync is removed.

  2. Unsync and Delete: Product is unsynced and the product is sent to your WordPress admin's trash

If you use the Unsync and Delete option, we recommend emptying the deleted product from the your WordPress trash bin.

This frees up the SKU if you need to sync this product.

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