Best Practices & Healthy Syncing

Seven steps to ensure your inventory syncs properly.

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Please read the following seven steps to ensure that your inventory syncs properly. 

Settings to be aware of in your Shopify and Woo admin.

  1. Ensure that products needing to be synced have 'Track Quantity' ticked.

2. At least one image must be uploaded to a product to be visible on Syncio.

3. Each product/variant must have a unique SKU assigned. Syncio can auto generate unique SKUs when importing to a destination store provided they don't exist on any products.

4. When mapping an existing product, the product/variant SKUs in the Source store must match the corresponding product/variant SKUs in the Destination store.

5. Destination stores can only trigger an inventory update to the Source store through a fully paid order.

6. After syncing, do not change the SKU - this will not sync across to the other store and it will break the connection.

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