Installation Guide (WooCommerce)

Install Syncio on your WordPress / WooCommerce stores to connect and sync with other Woo or Shopify stores

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Setting up Syncio for WooCommerce Stores involves 4 steps:

  1. Select WooCommerce platform and create a Syncio Account.

  2. Selecting the type of Syncio App (Source or Destination Store)

  3. Enter your WooCommerce Details and connect to your store.

  4. Inviting another store to connect to yours (optional).

1. Select WooCommerce platform and create a Syncio Account.

Visit this link to sign up for a Syncio account:

You will first see the option to select a Shopify or WooCommerce platform. If your store is affiliated to WooCommerce, please select that option.

You will be redirected to create your Syncio account, which is required to use the app.

You will then be prompted to register for a Syncio account to manage your subscription

  1. Your name

  2. Your email address (only one can be registered per account).

  3. A password.

Click on Create Account when the form is completed. 

2. Selecting the type of Syncio App (Source or Destination Store)

Syncio is divided into two companion apps, Source and Destination apps.

Each store type will display a description and examples so you know which one you should opt to install. However, if you have any doubts see Am I a source or a destination store?

3. Entering your WooCommerce Details and connecting to your store.

After you select your store type, you will be asked to verify your WooCommerce Store URL.

*Important please ensure that you type in your WooCommerce home page address.

For example:

*The https://www. part is needed, so be sure to copy your store's full URL

Once you see on the "Link URL" button darken, you can click on continue to log in your WooCommerce account and connect to Syncio.

After you give Syncio the approval to connect to your store you will be redirected to the Syncio app Home Page if you are a Source store.

For Destinations store there is one more step to follow.

Both Source and Destination stores will require the Syncio app. However, only the Destination store pays the subscription fee, while the Source store runs on a free plan.

Therefore, if you installed the app as a Destination store, you will redirected to our payments platform, where you can select a Syncio base plan depending on the number of products you wish to sync.

After you enter your Billing information you can return to the Syncio app Home Page.

4. Connecting to other webstores (optional).

Each web-store using Syncio is assigned a unique Syncio Key. These keys are used to connect stores to allow products to be synced. You can also find your key on the Syncio homepage when you login.

Alternatively it is possible to use Syncio to send an automated invitation to a Shopify or a WooCommerce store using our Email invitation feature.

Once completed you will then be redirected to your Syncio Dashboard.

Be sure to take a look at these guides for:

Syncio Help Center Link:

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