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What is a 'replaced' product and what do I do with it?
What is a 'replaced' product and what do I do with it?

Syncio marks any outdated product to prevent oversell.

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A product in your WooCommerce store was recently converted to another supported product type.

Syncio has registered the latest version of your product for syncing. The original version will still show in Syncio for the Destination store but not for your store.

The destination store, will then see two products with different statuses:

  • One will say “Replaced”

  • The other one will say “Not synced”

To protect the accuracy of inventory and prevent overselling, the stock for the original version has been set to zero in the connected destination stores.

The Destination store needs to:

1. Find the original product version and Unsync it. This product appears in their Products Table with a warning and a status “Replaced

2. Find the latest version of the source store's product and map it to the correct product in the destination store.

What happens if a source store converts a supported product to unsupported?

For example, Variable product to a Grouped Product?

In this case, the new product will show with the “Woo product type not supported” status in the Syncio dashboard and the destination store will receive an email notification about the change.

At the destination store side, the product will show the status “Woo product type not supported”. The destination store will be able to unsync it.

They can also opt to keep it, but the mapping would be recognized as inactive in Syncio and no inventory sync would happen back and forth. The previous synced product’s inventory at destination store would be set to 0.

If the source store did not convert this product type in Woo, please contact our CX specialists at [email protected]

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