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Feature Requests

We still have a lot we want to do 💪 If there is a feature you'd like us to prioritize, we'd love to know!

Top Requests ⬇️

We've heard from many of you about the following features. They're on our roadmap and you can expect updates in early 2021.

  • New platforms. We know not everyone uses Shopify. We are working hard to expand to other platforms such as WooCommerce, Squarespace, and Magento.

  • Auto-invoice and collect payment. For those of you using our Order Forwarding add-on, we are working to support invoicing and collection of payment from Destination stores for fulfilled orders.

  • Automatically sync new products. When a new product in created in the Source store it will automatically sync to the Destination.

Make a request ⬇️

There are a couple ways you can add your vote for a feature request:

  • Send our Support team an email at

  • Vote for Inventory and Product Sync features here

  • Vote for Order Module features here

We love to hear from our customer, your input drives our roadmap and product decision process!

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