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Shopify On Hold Orders and Push Orders
Shopify On Hold Orders and Push Orders

Apps such as upsell apps may need to be pushed manually if they set orders to the new: "On Hold" status

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As an destination store account using Syncio order's add-on, we wanted to let you know about Syncio and Shopify's "On Hold" status for orders.

The "On-hold" status may appear for new orders if your store uses 3rd party upsell apps or sales channel integrations like Facebook and Instagram.

For more information, check Shopify's guide for: On Hold orders here:

Am I affected?
Yes, if the following applies to your destination store:

  • If new orders on your destination store result in a temporary "On Hold" status

  • If you use the Syncio "Automated Push" feature

As a result, you may see some orders in your Syncio app with the status "not pushed"

How do I push these "not pushed" orders?
A bulk order push is available in app. The process only involves 4 clicks. We recommend doing a check daily to check push any unpushed On Hold orders

  1. Click into "Orders"

  2. Click on the "Select All" check box or select the orders you want to push.

  3. Click on "Push Selected Orders"

  4. Select the method you want to bulk push orders, and click "Push Orders"

  5. Syncio will then bulk push the orders selected. Refresh the page to check the push order status.

What's next

  • Our development team is already working on a feature upgrade to support auto-pushing "On Hold" orders created by Shopify or any third party upsell app.

  • We will post an update as soon as the compatibility update for "On Hold" orders is live.

If you have any questions please feel free to email [email protected] or drop us a line on messenger chat.

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