Orders not Pushing

Common reasons why an order won't push

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Available only on the Shopify integration

ISSUE: Error over the Shopify API

Sometimes Shopify is unable to process an order push request due to network issues. To prevent errors, Syncio stops the syncing job.

FIX: Click on the order that didn't push and try to push it again manually.

ISSUE: A SKU(s) present in the order is no longer valid.

For a product to be pushed from your order back to the source store as a push order. The sync between both source and destination products must be valid.

FIX 1: SKU mismatch; update the SKU in your copy of the product to match the source store's product. You can use the [View Details] feature on the [Products] page to obtain the latest SKUs.

Once the SKU is updated, try pushing the order again.

FIX 2: Unsync and resync the problem product and create a new draft order with the customer's fulfilment details (exclude their email to prevent a duplicate order notification). Mark it as Paid. Then go into the Syncio Orders page to push this order.

Note: Please let the source store know that a duplicate order has been created and add extra stock to account for the duplicate order.

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