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Attention Status when Syncing a Product
Attention Status when Syncing a Product

Common reasons why a product doesn't sync.

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ISSUE: Error over the Shopify API

Sometimes Shopify is unable to process a syncing request due to network issues. To prevent errors, Syncio stops the syncing job.

FIX: Click on the Sync button again to retry.

ISSUE: Duplicate SKUs present in the source product.

FIX 1: Update the variants in Shopify so that the variants are unique.

FIX 2: Set the SKUs to be blank on Shopify; this allows Syncio to generate a set of random SKUs for each variant. (This only works if none of the products in the source have SKUs).

Once SKUs are unique, try clicking the [Sync] button again.

ISSUE: Incompatible Characters in the SKUs

SKUs should be simple and easy to understand as a system to keep track of your product lines and inventory.

Typically SKUs don't use special characters besides dashes (-) or underscores (_).

From Shopify's SKU guidelines:

"Don't use special characters, symbols, or spaces because these can cause problems when searching for products in Shopify by SKU and other computer programs, such as spreadsheet software."

Example SKU formats (from Shopify)

  • Juanita has an apparel store, and all her products have a brand, style, and size. She chooses to use a ten-digit numeric SKU format of ####-###-###. The digits, separated by hyphens, refer to brand, style, and size. For example, she uses the SKU 4225-776-3234 for pants that are brand 4225, leg style 776 (boot cut), and size 32x34 (waist and length).

  • For his wooden pen business, Karl prefers to sort and store his products by wood type, ink color, and point size. He decides to use an alphanumeric SKU format of ###_###_##. For example, WAL_BLK_25 refers to a pen made from walnut with black ink and a 2.5 mm point.

FIX: Remove any special characters that are not a dash (-) or an underscore (_)

Once the special characters are removed, try clicking the [Sync] button again.

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