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Keeping inventory and product attributes updated in real-time has never been easier. With Syncio, you can:

Inventory Sync

Inventory sync and real-time inventory adjustment using SKUs.

Product Attributes Sync

Sync and customize product attributes such as description, price, tags, images, etc.

Available only on the Shopify integration

Order Push

Automatically push order information to Source stores for fulfilment.

Available only on the Shopify integration.

In this guide:

What does Syncio do?

Syncio is a two-way inventory sync via SKUs, which means that updates from either store update the other. Syncio is divided into two apps, Source and Destination.

The Source store app is connected to the Shopify store that contains the master product listings and controls the master inventory numbers. Typically, the source store should handle product creation and inventory management, and it also has the ability to transmit stock and product updates to a connected secondary/ destination store.

The Destination store app is connected to any Shopify stores intended to receive product updates and stock information from a source store.

Who pays? Do both stores need the app?

Both Source and Destination stores will require the Syncio app. However, only the Destination store pays the subscription fee, while the Source store runs on a free plan.

Base Plan and add ons

You're syncing only the inventory if you are on a Base Plan. Choose the base plan for the destination store depending on how many products you want to sync. (The sync count for each Syncio plan relates to product count, a product can have 100 SKUs/ variants, but we only count it as just 1 product.)

Product Settings add on

After the initial product import, only the inventory will sync from Source to the Destination store. The Product Settings Add-on expands Syncio's inventory syncing functionality, and it allows the destination store's synced products to receive product attribute updates like the inventory syncs.

Available only on the Shopify integration

More information here:

Orders add on

The Orders add-on allows a Destination store to push orders with Synced products to a Source store for fulfilment.

Syncio requires the following to be true about an order:

  • Order must have at least one synced product

  • Order must have customer details (Name, address, etc.)

  • Order must be greater than $0

  • Order must be a fully paid order; pending orders cannot be pushed by default.

The Orders add-on has some limitations by design.

  • Cannot pass through original shipping service details

  • Cannot pass through original shipping cost (Automatic Only)

  • Cannot pass through discount codes/ coupons

  • Available only on the Shopify integration

More information here:

How do I start?

  1. Download the Syncio app and select Source or Destination store, depending on your installed store type.

  2. Connect your store to the corresponding Source or Destination. The step by step guide is here: Stores | Syncio Help Center.

  3. Once the stores are connected the products from the source store will display on the Syncio app.

  4. The destination store can then choose what to import over by syncing or mapping your products.

Syncing will import your products from the Source to the Destination store, making a copy of the product. You can do it one by one.

Or Bulk Sync.

If the products already exist in both stores, the recommendation is to map instead of sync so you don't end up with duplicate products.

Mapping matches Source store products to products that already exist in the Destination store, using their SKUs. When Syncio identifies matching SKUs, it will sync the product inventory.

You can do it one by one. To map an individual product or check the variants / SKUs, use the Map button to the right of each product. If a product is unsynced/mapped, a Map button will appear in the top righthand corner. If a product is already mapped you will not have the option to take any actions.

Or Bulk Map

The Activity Center in the destination store is the first place to look if your products aren't syncing or get an error when mapping. You will see a list of time-stamped events, product names, and a note describing what happened.

Special adjustments

Please contact us to turn any of these options on.

Available only on the Shopify integration

  • By default, Syncio only adjusts when an order has been marked as PAID. However, if requested, Syncio can support syncing for Pending Orders.

  • We can turn off inventory sync between stores, and you can still sync product attributes via the Sync Settings add on. Once this feature is enabled, there will be no inventory sync between source and destination stores. This feature is not advised if you intend to use the Order add on.

Help Center

Need help? Check out our Syncio Help Center. If you have any questions, you can contact us via the chat widget on your Syncio app or via email at [email protected].

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