How to Push $0 orders

Or orders that have a 0 total in Shopify

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Due to limitations Syncio is unable to push $0 orders. However there is a method to push these with a workaround.

The method involves pushing these orders with a custom Syncio shipping rate of $0.01 (or in your store currency).

Besides Syncio showing $0.01 for the shipping details in the pushed order on the Source side, there is no impact in terms of charging your customer an extra fee.

Syncio's custom shipping rate simply replaces the original shipping rate after an order push.

Method 1: Manual Pushing $0 orders

  1. First click into the orders page on your Syncio destination store app.

  2. Search for any failed or not pushed orders that contain a $0 product, and click into view order.

  3. Once you're in the orders detail view. Type 0.01 for the shipping fee and click push.

4. The order push should take around 10 seconds to complete.

Method 2: Auto Pushing $0 orders

In order get the Syncio automated order push feature to work with $0 orders.

  1. First on the Syncio Orders page, ensure the Automated Push setting is toggled on.

  2. Next, you'll need to set up a custom shipping rate rule to let Syncio change the shipping fee for all $0 orders to $0.01.

  3. Click into Push Settings to access your order settings.

  1. Click into Shipping Rate Rules:

  2. First we'll need to delete the default Syncio rule (set shipping to $0.00 for any order that has a value of $0.00). You can delete this rule by clicking the (-) button next to the rule.

  3. Next we'll create the rule to set all $0 orders with a $0.01 shipping rate.

  4. Type 0.01 in the Shipping Rate field.

  5. Type 0 in the Order Value field.

  6. Click on the (+) icon to save the $0.01 shipping rule.

  7. Click the Save button to save the new $0.01 rule

  8. Note: in addition to the $0.01 rule. We recommend adding another rule for any orders above $0.​

  9. Here's an example to re-add the original $0 shipping fee back for any order above $0.01.

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