Order Add-on - Custom Shipping Type Tags

Forward a synced order with custom shipping information

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Available only on the Shopify integration

A customisable shipping tag is attached to pushed orders containing a synced product.

This feature lets Source stores know which shipping method to use when fulfilling orders.

As this information is in tag form, Source stores can filter orders based on the following:

  • Shipping method

  • Destination store names

Source Stores: You do not need to set anything up.
Destination Stores: Set up the shipping type tags.

Step 1. Shipping rates in Shopify

Ensure that your shipping rates are set up in your Shopify account. Syncio will use these settings to generate the initial shipping tags.

For more information on how to set up your Shopify Shipping Rates, please refer to their written guide.

Step 2. Setting up your Syncio Shipping Tags

Log into your Syncio destination store account, navigate to the orders tab, and click the [Push Settings] button.

Step 3. Shipping Tags Section

Click on the [Shipping Type Tags] tab. From here, Syncio would have copied over the shipping types already set up from your Shopify account.

The editable tags are on the right side, with the blue labels.

Clicking on the pen icon will allow you to input your custom label if needed.

  • Click on the cross icon or

  • Click out of the tag or

  • Press [Enter] to commit the changes.

Hit the [Save] button to save the new tag. Syncio is now ready to append automatically pushed orders with this tag!

An example: if a customer makes an order with a synced product with [Express] shipping selected at the Shopify checkout. Syncio will push orders with the [Express Now] tag.

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