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Order Push Failed: Network Issue
Order Push Failed: Network Issue
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Syncio normally pushes a valid order within 15-30 seconds if you have Automated Push setting turned on:

However on rare instances an order may not push automatically due to issues with the Shopify API.

If this occurs try manually pushing these orders.

1) Click into the Orders tab on the left in your Syncio dashboard:

2) Type in the order number from log in the search bar and press enter locate the order:

3) Click on the order, and type in a shipping fee (eg: $0) and click on the Push Order button.

5) The order should push after 10 seconds. If the push is successful you'll see a green pushed status on the order:

*Pro Tip: Closing the order won't cancel the push, so you can continue pushing other orders if needed. Syncio will automatically queue up your orders.

If your order remains unpushed, please contact us at: [email protected] or send us a message via the in-app messenger.

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