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Collaboration Tips (Destination Store)
Collaboration Tips (Destination Store)

Cheat sheet for retailers using Syncio to sell products from suppliers and brands

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Found a new source store to work with on the Syncio Marketplace? Here's a collection of tips to help make the most of working together.

1) Topics to discuss before deciding to connect

To promote an ideal level of co-operation between parties, we recommend discussing the following topics before making the decision to connect stores:

  1. Branding and marketing

    1. Guidelines and advice on how best to represent their products

  2. Payment and commissions terms

    1. When do they want to be paid?

      1. Every 30 days?

    2. A flat-rate commission or do they want to charge commission per product?

  3. Shipping rates and fulfillment times

    1. How quickly does the source store fulfilled pushed orders?

    2. Decide on a shipping rate arrangement that works for both parties

      1. Flat-fee arrangement works best

        1. Free shipping for products over $100

      2. Recommend products with built shipping built into the commission

    3. What's their returns policy like?

  4. Products and inventory available to sell

    1. Collections to dropship?

    2. Best sellers

      1. Ask if they can tag a specific group of products so you can search and sync their recommendations

When ready, share your Syncio keys using the "Connect Store" feature found in Syncio's "Stores" page.

2) Kick-start the partnership by connecting your stores

Syncio bridges and keeps in sync important product, stock and orders data to simplify the collaboration between online stores.

To enable the sync, simply follow the steps in our store connection guide.

  • Where to find your Syncio key

  • Sending a store connection invite to your new partner

3) What happens after I connect our stores?

Once the store connection is made, you can start syncing and selling products right away!

However we recommend updating a couple of quick settings to tailor the sync to your preferences.

Here's some quick settings to check:

  • Have multi-locations on your destination store (Shopify only)?

    • Remember to select a receiving location to send the source store's store to a location you want.

    • The location option can be found on the [Stores] page

  • Using the Syncio Payouts add-on to auto-calculate revenue split after a synced sale?

    • Click into the [Settings] page and then into [Payouts Settings] to add a store commission for this store if you want.

    • This step isn't necessary if you already have a default commission added to your Payouts app.

4) Syncing products from your new partner

Once your stores are connected. You can quickly copy products from the source store you've just connected to. Simply click into [Products] and select their store from the drop down menu to get started.

Pro tip: Use search filters such as tags, keywords, or product categories to narrow down the products you want to add to your store.

Make your selection and click [Sync] to bring these products over to your store. When you see a green synced status, then the product is good to go.

Check out our product syncing guide for more details.

Pro tip: After syncing the product to your store, you can customize any aspect of the product so it matches your store's branding or business strategy. Want to use a custom set of images? Change the description to another language? No problem!
So as long as the product SKUs remain untouched. Then the sync will work.

5) Sending orders to your source store partner

Make use of our orders-add-on to push orders directly from your Shopify store to your partner's. Orders pushed by Syncio will appear as regular Shopify orders which makes it easy for your source store partner to fulfill.

Syncio also syncs tracking information back to your customer, so it's all automated.

6) Organizing the revenue split

Syncio has a Payouts tool which helps organize and auto-calculate the revenue split based on commissions rates set by you.

When the time comes to send the source store their share of a sale minus your commission fees. You can use Syncio's payouts tool to select and calculate a payable total with a couple of clicks!

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