Order Add-on conditions and limitations
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Orders containing synced products can be automatically pushed to the Source Store for fulfillment.

Orders Add-on is currently available only on the Shopify integration

To enable Auto Drive, the Orders add-on must also be activated.

Important! Conditions before an order can be pushed.

  1. The order must be fully paid.

  2. Order must contain valid customer details (name, address)

  3. Order value must be greater than $0.00

  4. Order must contain at least one synced valid product (matching unique SKUs).

Orders Pushing Limitations

Currently, orders pushed to your store are subject to these limitations:

  • Cannot pass through original shipping service details

  • Cannot pass through original shipping cost (Automatic Only)

  • Cannot passthrough discount codes/ coupons

  • Available only on the Shopify integration

How is the tax handled?

The Subtotal amount is pushed along with the order. Depending on the destination store's tax settings, it will include the tax or not. The pushed order will have a tag noting if the subtotal includes the tax or not.

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