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Order Sync is an optional add-on to your Syncio Base Plan. With Order Sync, any orders containing synced products will appear in your Syncio Orders Tab and be available to Push to your Source store for fulfillment.

When the Source Store fulfills an order, Syncio will send the tracking and fulfillment status back to your store so your customers always stay up to date.


For Order Sync to work, the following must be true.

  • Order must be PAID

  • Order must contain valid customer details (name, address, email)

  • Order value must be greater than $0.00

  • Order must contain at least 1 synced product


  • Cannot pass through original shipping service details

  • Cannot pass through original shipping cost

  • Cannot pass through discount codes/ coupons

  • Cannot pass through original tax information

View and Push your Orders

When you scroll over an order, you will have the option to View Order. Click here to see the details of an order and Push items to the Source store. For orders containing products from more than one Source Store, you will need to push items separately. Orders that have successfully been pushed will display Pushed under Push Status.

Automated or Manual Push

You have the option to either manually push your orders when they come through or Syncio can send them for you automatically. By default, your orders will be set to manual push. To enable automated push, click the toggle in the top right of the Orders Tab.

Order Push Settings

Via your Order Push Settings, you have the ability to choose what email is sent to the Source store via Email Contact Method and configurable Shipping Rate Rules.

Email Contact Method

You have the option to push the order with the customer email, destination store admin email, or another email of your choosing. The email that is sent with the order will receive all updates from the Source store including fulfillment and tracking notifications.

Shipping Rate Rules

By default, Syncio will push orders with $0 shipping fees. If you would like to set rules for flat rate shipping you can do so via your Order Push Settings. If you have dynamic shipping prices, you can manually enter the shipping fee when you set orders up to push manually.

For the Source Store

If you are a Source Store, Destination Store orders that contained synced products from your store will show up in your in Shopify Orders tab. They will be tagged with the name of the Destination Store and the Destination Store Order Number AND include a note with the same information.

When you add tracking and mark an order fulfilled, the tracking and fulfillment status will sync back to the Destination Store. ***Make sure to add the tracking before changing the fulfillment status.***

How to Add Order Sync

From your Syncio Destination Store Dashboard, click on the store name on the top left, then select Plan & Billing.

From there, just toggle the Order add on ON and click Next.

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