Refreshing Shopify permissions for Syncio gives you access to the latest order-related features.

These apply to destination and source store accounts using the order forwarding add-on as a free automatic upgrade.

Tracking Number Syncing

  • Automatic syncing back of tracking numbers when the source store fulfils the forwarded order.
  • Supports multiple tracking numbers and services.
  • Supports partial fulfilment.

Order Edit Syncing

  • Automatic syncing of order line item updates when the destination store updates the forwarded order's synced products.
  • Supports adjusting qty of synced products in the order.
  • Supports removal of synced products in the order.
  • Supports adding new synced products in the order.

    Note: adding a new product from a synced source store that wasn't part of the original pushed order is currently not supported.
  • Email notifications when an order is edited.
  • Order notes are added.
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