Orders containing synced products can be automatically be pushed to the Source Store for fulfilment.

To enable Orders Auto Drive, the Orders Forwarding add-on must also be activated.

Important! Conditions before an order can be pushed.

  1. Order must be a fully paid order.
  2. Order must contain valid customer details (name, address, email)
  3. Order value must be greater than $0.00
  4. Order must contain at least 1 synced valid product (matching unique SKUs).
  • The order forwarding add-on is an extra $15 per month upgrade for Destination Store accounts, and can be activated in the Upgrade menu.

Orders Pushing Limitations

Currently orders pushed to your store are subject to these limitations:

  • Cannot passthrough original shipping service details
  • Cannot passthrough original shipping cost (Automatic Only)
  • Cannot passthrough discount codes/ coupons
  • Cannot passthrough original tax information.

These will be addressed in future updates to the add-on.


1. Log into Syncio.
2. Go into Orders.

3. The Orders Auto Drive settings and status appears on the top left. 

4. To enable Auto Drive, click the toggle next to ‘Auto Drive Off’. This will now open the Auto Drive settings window. 

5. The settings window will allow you to select from the ‘Contact Method’ dropdown box whether the order you push to the Source Store is addressed to the customer email or to your Destination store email. Click ‘Submit’ when done.

6. The ‘New Shipping Cost Rule’ setting will now appear for you to update what shipping costs should be referenced in the pushed order.

You can leave this empty if you want to push orders without a shipping cost.

Two fields are available to update to set the rule:

a. Order Items Total >=. You can set what the cost of shipping will be based on the order value.

b. Shipping Cost. How much the shipping cost will be.

Example: If you set Order Items Total >= 100.00 and Shipping Cost 10.00 then an order value of $150.00 will generate a shipping cost of $0.00. An order value of $99.00 will generate a shipping cost of $10.00.  

c. Once you’ve set the rate then click the ‘Plus’ button to save the shipping rule. The shipping rule will now appear under ‘Available Shipping Cost Setting’. 

7. Close the settings window and the orders module page will now have an updated Orders Auto Drive settings. Orders will now automatically sync to your Source Store! 

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