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How to sync custom product and variant fields between Shopify stores

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Metafields syncing is a Shopify to Shopify only feature.

This feature is part of the optional product settings add-on

What is Metafields Syncing?

When activated, Syncio's metafield syncing allows:

  1. The Metafield definitions for products and variants from the source store to be copied to a connected destination store.

  2. Product and Variant metafields can be synced:

    1. On initial import of a new product after the [Sync] button is clicked.

    2. Continuously every 24 hours if there is a change to be synced.

    You can keep track of the metafields on the destination store's synced products by clicking into a product/ variant.

How do I use Metafields sync?

  1. To use metafields sync, the source store must provide permissions to sync this data first.

  2. The source store can find the toggle to allow metafields sync in their product settings page:

  3. Once the source store has granted permission to sync their metafields. Any connected destination store can go into their own product settings page and enable metafields sync.

Metafields will only sync when both settings on the source and destination side are active.


  • Shopify limits 200 metafields per store.

  • Syncio is only able to sync the first 50 metafields.

  • Updates from ongoing metafields sync should complete within 24 hours.

    • Syncio prioritises Shopify network resources for order, stock and standard Shopify fields first.

Should I use metafields sync?

Metafields syncing is best for multi-store use cases. We recommend using metafields syncing if your Shopify stores require a one to one copy of metafields data across all stores.

Metafields syncing is not recommended if you require unique metafields. For example: if your Shopify stores are in different languages.

Additionally for stores using Syncio for dropshipping purposes, we recommend not using this feature as syncing metafields from the source store may add product data that is not useful to the destination account.

If you have any questions about using this feature, please reach out to: [email protected], or send us a message in app to discuss your needs.

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