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Using the Syncio Marketplace
Using the Syncio Marketplace

Your passport to matching with the perfect business partner

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The Syncio Marketplace is currently in early-access, add your profile details now to reserve a spot!

Using the Marketplace to find new stores to connect to is simple and easy. Here's 3 things to check out:

1) Updating your profile

Before using the Syncio Marketplace You will need to add a few simple details to your Syncio Marketplace Profile

This boosts your store's visibility and to makes it easy for other online stores to find yours.
Click on the [Settings] tab on the left and then into [Marketplace settings] to update your profile.

Brand Name: Your store's / brand's name

​Instagram: Add an optional social media link

Website: Add a link to your online store.

Location: Pick a country/ region to help nearby partners find you.

Store Category: The category products do you sell, for example: Toys & Games

Number of Products: Give your portential partners an idea of how many products your store has to offer.

Profile Images: Add up to 6 images to your profile to best represent your brand. The first image will be displayed as your profile pic.

Hit the [Save] button when done. Like-minded Syncio stores will now be able to discover your store, and will make it easier to share your details when messaging a store you want to connect with.

2) Browsing the marketplace

Click the [Syncio Marketplace] link on the left navbar and start looking for your next partner.

You can search and filter partner stores by:

Keyword Search: search by product category or a store name


  • Location: filter stores that operate in your country/ region

  • Number of products:

  • Category: the main product category on offer, for example: Toys & Games

Check in regularly for new stores to discover!

3) Contacting a potential partner store

Found store you wish to sync products with? Start the conversation by clicking on the [Invite to Connect] button.

This opens a pop-up where you can type a message to get in touch with the store you want to work with.

Clicking [Send message] emails your message to that store. A copy of the message will be forwarded to your email inbox. You can then continue the conversation via email.

The email used will be the address saved under preferred contact method.

You can update your email by clicking into [Settings] and then [Notification Settings]

4) What's next after finding a potential partner

Check out these tailored guides for next steps!

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