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Save time managing commissions for synced orders

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Payouts is currently only available for Shopify accounts.

Save Time Managing Commissions and Payment Records for Synced Orders

Benefits for Destination stores

  • Let Syncio auto-split revenue for fulfilled push orders by store.

  • Set commissions globally, or at the store or product level.

    • By percentage

    • By a flat-rate per product.

  • Customize payouts by including deductions and adjustments like: shipping and taxes.

  • Add notes for easy communication.

How to activate for destination store

Payouts is available for all Shopify Syncio accounts. A free version is activated as soon as you install. We have a paid PRO version if you need to generate more than 5 payouts monthly.

  • The free version of Payouts allows you to create 5 payouts per month.

  • You can keep track of how many payouts you have left here:

How to activate for source store

The payouts is always on (and free for source stores). However your destination store partners will need the Payouts and Orders add-on before you can use this feature to manage and review incoming payouts.

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