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Payouts Add-on - Source store side

What you need about payouts issued by destination stores

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Payouts is currently only available for Shopify accounts.

Do you collaborate with other retailers to sell your products with Syncio?
If they use Syncio's push order feature to send orders directly to your store to fulfill. Then the new Payouts feature can also help you save time when it comes to calculating the commissions and revenue split.

Best of all Payouts is free for source stores!

Note: The destination store needs to activate the Payout add-on so they can start generating payouts to send to you.

Payouts checklist

  • The source store needs to mark pushed orders as "fulfilled" on Shopify. Only fulfilled orders are eligible to be included in a Syncio payout.

The payout feature is meant as a recording/keeping track. Syncio does not touch payment; the payment itself doesn't get pushed to the Source store.

How payouts work for source stores accounts

We want source stores focus on what they do best, creating great products and fulfilling orders at top speed!

Syncio payouts collects and auto-files invoices and payouts by store so all you need to do is to:

  1. Review incoming payouts

  2. Check if you've received payment from your destination store partners

  3. Mark a payout as "payment received"

  4. Done!

You will find any new Payouts in the "Open Payouts" tab on your Payouts page once the destination store creates one for you to review.

You can filter by:

  1. Stores: useful if you want to check payouts for one account

  2. Date range: find payouts for within a certain time period

  3. Payment status: useful if you want to see only "paid" or "unpaid" payouts

The real-time Payment Statuses of payouts set by your destination store partners. For example if they have marked a payout as "Paid", this means the destination store has marked the payout has paid and you can check if you have received payment for this payout.

You can then mark these as "Payment received" to help keep track of payouts that have been settled.

Completed payouts can be viewed in the "Complete" tab

Viewing Payout Details

To check the payout details, click the "View Payout" button associated with the payout you want to view.

5. Comments, notes and events

Whilst managing a payout, you are also able to add a comment/ note to the payout. This will be visible to your source store partner.

They can also leave a message for you to check.
Important payout events such as when a payout has been marked as paid will also be recorded here too.

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