Syncio currently has limited ability to support Shopify's multiple inventory locations.

Note: Multi-location support for WooCommerce stores is currently in development.

We allow the Source store to choose ONE location to allocate stock to the Destination store. On the Destination store side, there is a Beta Multi-Location program, more information here:

If you have more than one inventory location, your Source store will behave as one with Syncio. If you select ALL LOCATIONS, it will combine all your stock and send it to the Destination Store's default location Store.

Example 1: Source store selects All Locations → Destination store products will sync/display inventory from [Location 1, Location 2, Location 3] AS A COMBINED INVENTORY.

Example 2: Source store selects Location 1 → Destination store products will sync/display inventory from [Location 1] ONLY. When a sale is made on the Destination store, Syncio will update the inventory in Location 1, and other locations will remain untouched.

Default Location

What if I change my default location? The default inventory location change will trigger a full resync of products if the Source store has less than 500 products. If the store has over 500, please request a full resync from the Syncio support team.

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