When you import or first sync products from your Source store to your Destination store, Syncio uses the fields/ attributes from your Source store's product and copies them over to your destination store. The following product attributes are copied across after syncing:

- Product Title

- Product Description

- Product Images

- Product Type

- Vendor

- Variants

- Price

- Cost per item

- Barcode


- Weight

- Country/Region of origin

- HS code

- Tags

The following product attributes do not copy across:

- Compare at price (can be enabled in Source Store settings)

- Metafields (can be enabled in the Syncio Settings)

By default, the product is copied with these settings enabled:

- Charge tax on this variant

- Track quantity

- This is a physical product

- Stock tracking on

- Do not allow oversell

If you enable the Sync Settings Module, there are toggles for "ongoing" sync of product attributes after the initial import has occurred.

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