Note: Only the Destination Store can sync products. If you are looking to sync products to a store, you have to install Syncio and select to be a Destination Store. For instructions on installing as the Destination Store, click on this link

Important information before mapping: 

  • When mapping, you must ensure that the SKUs match between the destination and source stores. 
  • Ensure that no SKUs are shared by more than one product variant. 


1. To map existing products, click on Map Existing Products. You can bulk map products by clicking Bulk Map Products or select individual products to map when you click Switch to Individual Product Mapping.
2. If you click Bulk Map Products - Syncio will search the inventory in the source store and destination store for products with matching SKUs and then automatically sync the products by inventory-only.

3. If you click Switch to Individual Product Mapping, you will then see a page with the Source Store column to your left and your store to the right column, with Select Product dropdowns in both columns.

To map products, you will need to type the product name for the Source Store in the search bar, press Enter and select the product from the drop down menu. Do the same for the Destination Store. 

Pro Tip: You can select the product either from scrolling through list after clicking the drop down menu, or you can use the search bar to enter the product name.

5.When you select the products to map, you’ll be able to check the variants, SKU, and inventory quantity in these products. If the variants and SKUs match, then you will be able to map the product (see screenshot below). 

6. If the product variants and SKUs do not match, you will get a notification saying that the product cannot be mapped (see screenshot below). Please work with your store administrators to ensure variants and SKUs are matching before mapping. 

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