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Tracking Number not Synced
Tracking Number not Synced
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Normally when the source store adds a tracking number to a pushed order containing synced products. Syncio will sync this information back to the original order and then send a a fulfillment email to your customer automatically.

On rare occasions a tracking number may not sync back due to network issues.
If this occurs you will need to send the source store a message to obtain the tracking information.
1) Make a note of the order number with tracking number Sync in the Activity Center log
2) Contact the source store with the order number
3) They are able to search their orders with your order number since this information is synced.
4) Once they provide you with the tracking information, go to your Shopify Orders page:

5) Search up the order with the missing tracking number.

6) Click on the Fulfill items button and add the tracking number to the appropriate items:

or if your items are already marked as fulfilled.

7) Click on the add tracking button to add the tracking number:

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