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Sync Shopify Order Edits
Sync Shopify Order Edits

Automatic syncing of order edits between Shopify stores

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Syncio now supports syncing inventory when using Shopify's Order Edit feature:

What is currently supported:

  • Inventory syncing when: Adding & removing synced products from an order.

  • Inventory syncing when: Removing a synced product in an order.

Any inventory updates related to the above order edit actions will sync. Completing an order edit will trigger the sync automatically.

Here is a summary of supported order edit cases:

Exception Case 1 - Adding a Product for a Paid Order

a) If Order Edit results with a balance owing

  • User must click on [Mark as Paid] to trigger the order Sync

b) If Order Edit results in no balance owing

  • Due to Shopify limitations the following cases are not supported and will not sync.

Not Supported Case 1 - Adding a Qty for a Pending Order

Not Supported Case 2 - Adding a Product for a Pending Order

What is coming in the future:

  • Email notifications whenever an order is edited.

  • Syncing order edits with the Order Forwarding function.

Since order edits are rare, we still recommend contacting your partner source stores as soon as possible to inform them of any edits before fulfillment.

The best practice is still to cancel an order fully and to recreate it again either via Shopify draft orders or letting the customer know to place it again.

Please let us know if you have any questions at: [email protected]

Happy Syncing,
Team Syncio

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