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Syncing Products
How does the sync works?
How does the sync works?
What triggers a sync?
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Available for both Shopify and Woo integrations, with the exception of updating a product attribute. Currently, Syncio add-ons such as Product Settings add-on are only integrated with Shopify.

Syncio operates on three main rules with how inventory is synced up.

These are the conditions that trigger an automated inventory/ product adjustment:

For the source store:

  • A manual inventory adjustment (can be from an inventory transfer).

  • An order is received.

For the destination store:

  • A paid order is created (Syncio can be updated to support pending payments on request).

If a sync is active and healthy then inventory quantities across all connected stores for synced products will match. 

Other conditions that trigger a sync:

  • Updating a product attribute on the master source product (for example: updating the description, adding a new tag, deleting an image, etc).

  • Stock syncs both ways when a refund on a paid order is made.

  • Pending orders need to be marked as paid and then refunded before a reverse stock sync can be made.

  • Shopify Order Edits: see guide

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