1) What does it do?

2) How to set it up?

3) Limitations
4) Additional Points to Consider

1) What does it do?

The Multi-location update for destination stores allows you to choose a location for Syncio to sync stock to on your destination store.

For example: if you don't want Syncio to sync to [Location Z] anymore, you can now change it to either [Location X or Y] instead.

2) How to do I set it up?

1) Log into your destination store's Syncio app, and click into the [Stores] link on left.

Tip: You can check your store type by looking at the top right in the Syncio app

2) To activate the Multi-location feature, click on the [Multi-location Inventory] toggle near the top right.

3) You can now assign a specific location on your destination store to sync stock to. Click on the drop down menu for the source store you want to update the location.

Click on the [Change Location] button to confirm your assigned location.

Syncio will also log the change for your reference. The log entry will be emailed to your registered email account and appear in the [Syncio Activity Log].

NOTE: You can only change location for a source store every 20 minutes. If your location change doesn't update. Please try again after 20 minutes

4) You can either wait until Syncio resyncs your stock (usually takes 10 minutes per 100 products), or you can manually resync individual products by clicking on the [Resync] once.

5) Don't forget to remove stock from the previous synced location if there is existing stock.

3) Limitations

  • Only one select-able location is currently supported at the moment. This will be expanded to the Shopify limits soon.

  • If you have multiple locations on your destination store. Be sure to set stock for synced destination store products on your Shopify admin to zero before or after changing locations.

4) Additional Points to Consider

Deactivating Locations

  • Deactivate a location only when all orders associated with the old location have been fulfilled.

  • When a location has been deactivated, you will need to log back into Syncio to assign a new location to sync to.

Syncio Push Orders

  • If a line item's fulfillment location is changed to a non-synced location on the original destination store order, then Syncio will block pushing any line items that are not from the assigned Syncio location.

  • This prevents products from a non-synced location from being pushed.

  • This block can be overridden by either:

    1) Updating the assigned location to the new fulfillment location.
    2) Updating the fulfillment location back to the synced assigned location on Shopify.

  • Changes to the fulfillment locations may cause issues with syncing fulfillment updates such as tracking information. Since fulfillment locations no longer match.

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