We have built Syncio to be flexible. Customers can choose to use only Inventory Sync - the base Syncio functionality, or they can choose to add Custom Sync and/or Order Forwarding.

Inventory Sync

Let’s start with our inventory sync.

If you are on a Syncio base plan, you are syncing ONLY inventory. After the initial product import, only the inventory will sync from Source to Destination store.

A little more detail on how that works πŸ‘‰

Syncio is a two-way inventory sync, which means that updates from either store updates the other.

Source Stores: Source stores hold the Master Inventory. When changes occur to the Source store inventory, the Destination store will see the inventory number update on their end. Changes in Source store inventory can be through manual adjustments or sales.

Destination Stores: A fully paid order on a Destination store will trigger an inventory update to both Source and Destination stores. Note - Manual updates to Destination store inventory WILL NOT update the inventory on the Source store.

You can choose your base plan under the Manage Plan tab in your Syncio dashboard. Pricing is based on the number of products you want to sync (not the number of SKUs/variants).

Sync Settings

We also refer to this as Custom Sync - sorry for the confusion πŸ™‚

In addition to syncing inventory, Syncio can real-time sync product attributes from the Source store to the Destination store depending on the customisation settings you select.

You can select from a variety of attributes to sync (or not sync) through the Custom Sync Tab in your Syncio dashboard.

Current Attributes that Syncio can Sync from Source to Destination store:

Product Sync Options

  • Publish Status

  • Title

  • Description

  • Tags

  • Images

  • URL Handle

  • Unpublished by default

  • SEO Metafields

Variant Sync Options

  • Prices

  • Variants

  • Auto Remove Variant

  • Inventory Policy

  • Variant Title

Remember that Custom Sync is an Add-On. You will need to adjust your plan in the Manage Plan tab in order to access the settings.

Order Forwarding

If you choose to use the Syncio Order Add-On, orders that contain a synced product from the Destination store can automatically (or manually) be sent to the Source store to fulfill. The Source store will receive all product and customer information needed to fulfill the order and then Syncio will update the fulfillment status and tracking once the order has shipped.

This is a Add-On - you will need to adjust your plan in the Manage Plan tab in order to access the settings.

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