Note: Only the Destination Store can sync products. If you are looking to sync products to a store, you have to install Syncio and select to be a Destination Store. For instructions on installing as the Destination Store, click on this link

If the products that you want to sync from the source store are already present in the Destination Store and you just want to sync the products without creating a copy, use the Map Existing Products feature.

Instructions on how to use product mapping are here

Important information before syncing: 

  • Syncio requires that each product and/or variant has a unique SKU assigned to it.

  • When syncing, Syncio will copy across that SKU to the destination store product.

  • If the SKU field is empty prior to syncing, Syncio will auto generate SKUs for the synced products. 

  • See the Sync Ready Product Guide for more information.


1. You can either Sync or Map products with Syncio. 

a. If there are products that aren’t on your store yet that you want to sync across from your Source Store, use the Sync Products option. For more instructions on this see Step 4.
b. If the products already exist on your store and you simply want to sync your inventory with the Source Store products, use the Map Existing Products option. More instructions on this can be found here.

2. To navigate to the sync product option, go to the dashboard and click on the Sync Products link.

3. You will then see a source store(s) if any have connected with your store. Each store will have the option to select (1) Sync Products, and (2) Map Existing Products.

Click on Sync Products to continue.

4. You will then see a feed of products available for importing and syncing to your store from the selected source store’s inventory.

You can select each individual products by clicking the check box to the left of each product and then clicking Sync Products to start the import. (see highlighted in red in below screenshot). 

Alternatively you can select all of the products on the page by clicking on All (see highlighted in green in below screenshot) and then clicking Sync Products button to start importing your selection.

Pro Tips: Syncing takes a few seconds to a few minutes depending on how many products are being synced at once.

To check progress, refresh your window to see which products have finished syncing. The Sync status will update to a Green Yes. The sync counter on top of the page will also update accordingly.

By default, the inventory list displays 25 products on the page but you can select to see and sync up to 100 products on the page at a time (see screenshot below).

5. Syncio also provides filters and sorting methods to help you find products more efficiently you can search and filter products by:

  1. Search by product title (highlighted in red). After typing in the product title, you will need to press the Search button.

  2. Filter by whether the product has been synced (highlighted in green).

  3. Filter by whether the product is published or hidden on Shopify (highlighted in blue).

  4. Sort by alphabetical order (highlighted in orange).

  5. Sort by product creation date (highlighted in purple).

6. You can also reset your search or filters by clicking on the Reset button (green button next to Search).

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