What are Source and Destination Stores? 

Source Store: The store with the master inventory that other stores will sync products from. 

Destination Store: The store that needs to sync and copy inventory from the Source Store. 

How do I contact the Syncio team? 

You can send us an email on info@syncio.co or chat to us live. We pride ourselves with responding back as soon as possible.

Do all my synced stores pay the subscription plan? 

No, only the destination stores (aka the stores that need to sync inventory) are eligible to pay the subscription plan. Source stores (aka the stores that hold the inventory to be synced) do not have to pay the subscription plan. For more details on pricing, please visit www.syncio.co/pricing.

I am trying to sync my two stores but get an error when adding a unique key from one store to the other. How do I solve this? 

If you’re using the same browser to log into all of the stores you are trying to sync, sometimes a session conflict occurs. To avoid this, we ask you to copy the source store’s unique key somewhere and log out completely from this store. 

Open your destination store, open Syncio and copy the source store’s unique key into ‘Source Stores’ -> ‘Connect to a source store using a Unique Key’ text field.

I accidentally installed Syncio as the wrong store type. Can I fix this? 

You’ll need to uninstall and reinstall Syncio and select the correct store type. 

Can my store be both a Destination Store and a Source Store? 

Currently Syncio is designed to allow your store to only be one type. We are looking into allowing a Shopify store to both a destination and source store in the future.

I want to be able to change the prices for the products synced to my destination store without the source store prices overriding my changes. Is this possible? 

Yes it is. You’ll be able to turn price syncing off under the ‘Settings’ tab which is located in the top right corner of your Syncio Dashboard.

A retailer has invited me to sync inventory with them but I don’t want them to sync all of my products. Is there a way to hide these products that I don’t want sold on their store?

Yeah absolutely. For products that you don’t want to be visible to destination stores, simply add the tag ‘syncio-hidden’ to the product tags.

I made a manual inventory adjustment on the Destination Store but this didn’t sync back to the Source Store. 

In order for an inventory sync to occur from the Destination Store to the Source Store, it must be through an order. By default, Syncio has been set for only fully paid orders to trigger an inventory sync but if you need pending payment orders to sync instead, please contact us to update your Syncio. A manual adjustment will not trigger an inventory sync from Destination Store to the Source Store to prevent any accidental inventory updates that change the master inventory in the Source Store.

Will orders from destination stores automatically sync to my store? 

Not yet. We are currently testing this automated order sync function internally. Watch this space!

When I sync products to my store, what product information gets synced? 

When you first sync a product over, the following information is copied over:

  • Product Title
  • Description
  • Vendor
  • Tags
  • Images
  • Variants 

After the initial sync, you can customise anything except SKU if you need to customise the product to be different to the source stores. Changes will not be overridden by your source store’s product changes.

What if I want to continuously sync product updates? 

From the destination store, you can activate auto-sync for certain product details such as:

  • Price 
  • Newly added and removed variants 
  • Publish/unpublish status 

We are currently working on full product sync automation. 

An order was made on my store but the inventory update hasn’t synced to the other store. Why? 

Orders must be fully paid in order for the inventory update to sync across to the other store. If you need pending payment orders to sync instead, please contact us to update your Syncio.

Do refunds or order reversals sync across? 

Yes refunds (as long as product is restocked) will sync back to the other store so that its inventory is also adjusted.  

My orders come through as pending payment. Will this sync? 

Yes, pending payment orders will trigger and inventory adjustment back to the other store. If you are interested in enabling this feature, please contact the Syncio team. 


I have already added source store products to my destination store prior to installing Syncio and I just want to be able to sync the product inventories between the two stores. Is this possible? 

Yes, you can use the Map Existing Products to map the products instead of a clean sync. Mapping will only sync the inventory and leave all other product information the same.

My store has a specific inventory sync request that’s outside of Syncio’s functionality. What can I do? 

We love hearing about your business needs to see how we can provide a custom solution. Simply send us an email at info@syncio.co or chat to us live.

Useful Tips

  1. Use the tag “syncio-hidden” to hide your products from appearing on Syncio. 
  2. Make sure that the SKUs for each variant are matching between the Source and Destination stores. 
  3. Make sure that there are no more than one variant per SKU. SKUs shared by multiple variants will cause inventory discrepancies. 
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