There are two ways to sync products across connected stores.

  1. Copy & Import - See this Guide

  2. Link Existing - See Below

This function is best suited for syncing corresponding products that are already on both the parent and child store. If you need to import and sync new products onto your store, please use the copy & import funciton.

Important information before Linking Products: 

  • When Linking, you must ensure that the SKUs match between the child and parent stores. 

  • Ensure that no SKUs are shared by more than one product variant. 

  • Ensure the variant counts between corresponding products match.

Bulk Linking Products:

  1. To access the Bulk Linking function, click into Link Products on the home page. 

  2. Select the store that you want to link products with in the Store Selector drop down menu.

3. You can start the bulk mapping process by clicking Bulk Map Products button.

4. Syncio will then search the inventories in both source store and destination stores for products with matching SKUs. A sync will be created when our app finds a match. 

Linking Single Products:

Syncio also allows you to link matching products one by one. This is especially useful if you only want to sync specific products.

  1. To access the Link Single Products function, click into Link Products on the home page. Then click on the the Link Single button to access the tool.

2. You will then see a page with the Parent Store column to your right and your store represented on the left column, with Select Product drop-downs in both columns

3. To link products, you will need to type the product name for the Source Store in the search bar. Click on Search to submit your query. Once results are retrieved select the product that you want to link from the drop down menu. Do the same for the corresponding store.

5. When you select the products to map, you’ll be able to check the variants, SKU, and inventory quantity in these products. If the variants and SKUs match and variant counts match, you will be able to link these products. Click on the Link Products button to create the sync.

6. If the product variants and SKUs do not match, you will get a red error message with a reason for the error. (see screenshot below). Please work with your store
administrators to ensure variants and SKUs are matching before mapping. 

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