There are two ways to sync products in Syncio.

  1. Copy & Import - See Below

  2. Link Products - See this Guide

Copy & Import

This function is best suited for importing new products from a parent store. To avoid syncing over duplicate products do not submit a Copy & Import task twice or if your store already has an identical existing product use the Link Productsfunction.

  1. To access the Copy & Import function. Simply click on Manage Products from the home screen. 

2. Click on the Connected Store drop down menu in the top right to choose a store to Copy products from.

3. This will bring up a feed of products available for syncing along with various actions and filters to help you find the right product to import.

Individual Actions

The default view is the View All tab, from here you will be able to see all products
from a connected parent store. Various single actions are available here.

Clicking on each one will initiate the following:

Copy & Import - Makes a copy of the product, imported it into your store and then creates a sync. It typically takes 20-40 seconds for to import a product depending on how variants/ images it contains.

Unsync - There are two variations Unsync and Keep and Unsync and Delete. Both will break the sync but Delete option will delete the product on the child store as an extra step.

Resync - This forces a manual resync of stock information. Note: clicking on the request once is sufficient.

Product Details - Displays a popup with key product information.

Bulk Actions

Actions for Copy & Import and Unsync actions can be started initiated in bulk. To access these click on the Filter tabs above the products list.

View Synced - Allows for Bulk Unsync
View Unsynced - Allows for Bulk Copy & Import

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