Upgrading Syncio to sync to both Shopify and WooCommerce stores a few simple steps:

  1. Accessing the upgrade link.
  2. Confirming the upgrade.
  3. Done!

Important! You will need have the original version of Syncio installed before you can access the free upgrade.

For instructions on how to install the original Syncio for Shopify store syncing please refer to these guides: http://help.syncio.co/en/collections/1905296-installing-syncio

Before continuing with the upgrade information, we have made some minor changes to the naming conventions of some of our features and operations:

Source store = Parent Store

Destination store = Child Store

Sync Products = Copy & Import

Map Existing Products = Link Products

Eventually we will unify the language and app experience.

Shopify to Shopify syncing will still be managed on the original Syncio app as normal for the time being.

1. Accessing the Upgrade Link

If you are a source stores click on the destination stores link:

Alternatively if you are a destination store click on the source stores link:

Once you are in the store management page you'll find a WooCommerce Sync Early Access Test button. Below the store connection section. This will bring up the confirmation link for the upgrade.

2. Confirming the Upgrade

Click on proceed to access the upgrade your app as well as to access the new WooCommerce syncing platform.


  • To go back to the original Syncio app to manage Shopify syncing simply close the WooCommerce Syncio dashboard and reopen the original Syncio app again.
  • To access the WooCommerce functionality again please follow the upgrade steps again to get to the WooCoomerce Sync Early Access Test button.

3. Selecting your Syncio store type

You will then taken to the new Syncio WooCommerce dashboard. From here you can perform similar tasks to the original Syncio app but this time for WooCommerce stores.

Be sure to take a look at these guides for:

Importing & Syncing New Products
Linking Existing Products

Installation Complete!

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