Syncio allows Shopify stores acting as the source store to share products and inventory with other stores (destination stores) in real-time, increasing your reach and boosting sales.

There is a no-upfront cost to source store operators and a small syncing fee only applies when a sale is made on a connected destination store with at least one synced product.

Key Summary for Usage Charges

  • Syncio charges 10 cents per order containing any synced products you receive from a destination store.
  • $0 monthly upfront costs.
  • $1000 monthly cap (or 10,000 orders)
  • Usage charges are totaled and billed monthly by Shopify .

The 10 cent charge does not apply to:

  • Any order originating from your source store.
  • Orders with no synced products.

Cancelled or refunded orders

The 10 cent usage fee is not deducted for any cancelled or refunded orders. Syncio requires a stock adjustment both ways in this case.

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