Scenario: A customer has made an order on the Destination Store. You want to send that order to the Source Store to fulfil.

For activation instructions please see this Video Guide

Important! Conditions before an order can be pushed. 

  1. Order must be a fully paid order.
  2. Order must contain valid customer details (name, address, email)
  3. Order value must be greater than $0.00
  4. Order must contain at least 1 synced valid product (matching unique SKUs).
  • The order forwarding add-on is an extra $15 per month upgrade for Destination Store accounts, and can be activated in the Upgrade menu.

Orders Pushing Limitations

Currently orders pushed to your store are subject to these limitations:

  • Cannot passthrough original shipping service details
  • Cannot passthrough original shipping cost (Automatic Only)
  • Cannot passthrough discount codes/ coupons
  • Cannot passthrough original tax information.
  • Cannot sync fulfilment statuses (marked as fulfilled, tracking etc)

These will be addressed in future updates to the add-on.

Orders can now automatically sync to the Source Store through our Orders Autodrive feature. View Orders Autodrive instructions here.


1. Log into Syncio.
2. Go into Orders.

3. You will then see a list of orders. Go to the relevant order by clicking ‘View Order’. 

4. You will then enter the order page. This will display all the order details. If there is a commission off the final sale price, the order total will reflect this and this is the price that the Source Store will see.
5. There is a editable field ‘Shipping Fee’ that you can enter the shipping rate to add to the order total.
6. Press the ‘Push to Source Store’ button to complete the order. This will send the order directly to the Source Store orders Shopify backend to fulfill. 

Orders module considerations. 

  • Orders module can handle multi-source store orders. The order will be split by source store origin and you can push these orders to the relevant source stores with shipping fee. 
  • By default, the order is pushed to the source store with the destination store contact email replacing the customer’s email. You can choose to push the order with the customer’s email as well on a toggle below the ‘Push to Source Store’ button. 
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