The Source Store is the store that holds the master inventory that I want to be synced to another store. This e-commerce store controls the inventory and products to for destination stores.


1. Visit the Syncio App Store page to install. Or click on the link provided if you’ve received an invite email from a destination store.

2. When prompted, select Source Store and click on the Next button.

3. You will then see a screen that shows your Syncio key - share this key with other destination stores so they can connect to your source store.

4. There are two options available to enable a connection with a destination store.

  • I received a Destination Store Unique Key via Email: Select this if you have received a Syncio Key from another destination store. There will then be a prompt to enter the key. Click Connect to complete the connection.

  • Share my Unique Key via Email: Select this if you want to share your Syncio with another destination store. There will then be a prompt to input an email, Syncio will then send an invitation containing an installation pack that will help the store connect with yours.

  • You can also skip this step by clicking on: I will do this later on the bottom right.

5. You will then be directed to the Source Store dashboard, which gives you the option to complete the actions in step 4 again if you’ve missed out.

The Products link will allow you to view any products synced by a destination store.

Click on the Destination Store link to connect to another store. This menu also shows a list of all stores that are currently connected to your store as well as the ability to assign a specific inventory location.

6. Clicking on the Home Icon on the top right takes you to the Syncio Dashboard/ Homepage.

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