1. Syncio Provides two-way real-time inventory sync

Syncio is a two-way inventory sync, which means that updates from either store updates the other. 

  • Source to Destination updates: can be done through manual inventory updates or through a fully paid order. 
  • Destination to Source updates: by default, the order must be through a fully paid order.
    - Manual inventory updates will not update the Source Store master inventory.
    - Syncio can sync pending payment orders too, but you will need to contact the team for them to customise this for you. 

2. Syncio syncs ongoing product updates in real-time

Syncio can real-time sync product updates to the Destination store depending on the customisation settings you select. 

You can select to sync the following product fields on an ongoing basis: 

  • Product Title 
  • Product Description
  • Tags 
  • Variants
  • Price 
  • Images (currently in beta, contact the staff to activate).

3. Syncio can sync orders automatically to the Source store

When you activate orders module, orders from the Destination store can automatically sync straight to the Source store back-end to fulfill. 

4. You can map by inventory-only if the products already exist in both stores

If the product(s) already exist in the Destination store, you can use Syncio to map the existing products by inventory only. This means that the product will be synced by inventory only and its existing product information is unaffected.

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